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con-ver-gence | The media and entertainment industries have experienced a paradigm shift with the explosion of the internet. The convergence of media and technologies along with the recent migration of content to the "small screen" (I-phones and mobile platforms) has created an expansive and frequently confusing environment.

strat-e-gy | a plan or method for achieving a specific goal; the science and art of planning and directing movements and operations

so-lu-tion | the act or process of solving a problem; an answer to a problem

JazzConsultant.com's principal, Ricky Schultz has been immersed in media and music his entire life. Since studying telecommunications in graduate school and visiting the legendary Bell Laboratories, he has been a keen observer of, and participant in this ever-changing landscape. His desire to produce success for his artists and clients has fueled numerous innovations and record-breaking performances. He prides himself on remaining current. (Click here for Ricky Schultz Bio)

Old School meets New School : the best of both worlds  |  ricky@jazzconsultant.com